Chemical-Physical cycle

Selective resin filtration for chemical-physical metals

Absorbent carbon filtration, water treatment

Mechanical sand quartz filtration, chemical-physical plant

Dewatering sludge compaction, chemical physical purification

Dosage treatment chemical products, physical chemical plant

Concentrates treatment dosage, physical chemical plant

Sludge thickening, purification plant

Water sedimentation decantation, chemical-physical

Water flotation, chemical-physical purification plant

Chemical-physical plant, water flocculation

Advanced oxidation with ozone, water oxidation

Chemical Physical Plant, Water Dechromatation

Chemical-physical plant, De-cyanidation

Chemical Physical Plant, Fenton

Chemical-physical plant, absorption of organic substances

Decomplexing water treatment plant

Chemical-physical water neutralization plant

Coagulants precipitation adjuvants chemical-physical plant

Chemical-physical water coagulation plant

Chemical-physical Water acidification plant

Chemical-physical homogenization equalization water plant