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Industrial filtration is a widely used technique to remove a number of colloidal substances, the filters use various filling materials that lead to different results.

Treatment plants for the filtration of settleable or suspended solids, use filters filled with granular aggregates such as quartzite or quartzite, anthracite, zeolite, or glass flakes.

All these systems perform mechanical filtration and retain all the physical particles present at the inlet.

The choice of the type of material used inside the filtration system depends on the substances present in the water and the degree of the final filtration that has to be obtained in the water.

In order to absorb the organic substances or to reduce the COD, granular active carbon filtration systems are used. These high-performance filters are also widely used to treat primary waters that contain organic pollutants that must be removed.

If filtration is necessary to retain the heavy metals dissolved in the water, it is possible to use industrial filtration using iminodiacetic resins that have a selected retention capacity to heavy metals only.

If the wastewater has an excess of iron or manganese, the application of a deferrization filtration system is the correct solution, this filtration oxidizes iron from bivalent to trivalent and retains it mechanically.

In the industrial field the water must have suitable hardness characteristics, to control this parameter a softener is used, this is a filtration system that uses specific resins that thanks to the ion exchange retain calcium and produce a softened water.

There are another series of ion exchange resins, absorbent catalysts that can be used in pressure filtration systems, industrial filtration is a sector of great vastness, Pentacque is able to ensure a solution for every problem.

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