Acid bath recovery and resin purification plants

Acid bath recovery plants for aluminium iron and resin exchange baths

Pentacque has developed over the decades a great experience in the use of ion exchange resins, this has allowed to develop a remarkable experience on the recovery and maintenance of acid baths of metal pickling and anodic oxidation.

The aim of these resin plants is to eliminate the disposal of pickling baths saturated with iron, zinc or aluminium.

Under normal operating conditions, chemical baths are enriched with metals up to concentrations that disturb the chemical process itself, which results in poor production with poor quality of the treated parts that force the company to cut the bath or replace it.

Resin plants for the recovery of sulphuric acid or hydrochloric acid coming from exhausted solutions of pickling baths and anodic oxidation of aluminium are proposed by Pentacque to its customers as an objective of technological innovation to optimize the production cycle and at the same time reduce production costs by eliminating total or partial disposal.

The variations in the concentration of metals in chemical baths also do not guarantee the linearity of the bath performance, making it difficult to find high quality and constant production times.

Our resin plants realize in a completely automatic way the maintenance of a prefixed concentration of metal ions in solution in pickling baths, extracting the metal present and keeping it always at the same concentration.

In this way, the bath will be much longer lasting and with very balanced characteristics, also realizing a strong economic saving given by sending a lower quantity of pollutants to purification and eliminating the disposal.

The various applications of the purification of baths with resin plants for the recovery of acid also allow in the chemical industry to purify products based on hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, this system of ion exchange resins allows to produce chemical products purified from metallic substances.

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