Industrial reverse osmosis plants

Membrane reverse osmosis, Water demineralization plant

The term “osmosis” indicates the extension of a liquid passing through a semi-permeable membrane from the compartment with the highest water potential, (lower concentration of solute) to the compartment with the lowest water potential, in short it goes from a lower concentration of solute to a higher one.

Osmosis is a plant with a natural process that seeks a balance and the encounter of two liquids with different salinity flow. This system can be reversed by applying an “osmotic pressure” to the area of the treated water where there is a higher concentration of salts. If the hydraulic pressure given to a semi-permeable membrane becomes higher than the natural osmotic pressure, an osmosis effect called reverse osmosis is obtained.

Industrial reverse osmosis systems for water are systems that force the passage of molecules contained in liquids from a more concentrated solution to a second solution with lower concentrations, this is achieved by increasing the water pressure of the system.

Basically, the reverse osmosis plants produced by us use membranes that retain the solute on one side, preventing the passage and allow to obtain the pure demineralized distillate from the other normally called permeate.

The reverse osmosis process represents the finest filtration capacity of water, since the reverse osmosis process not only consists of a high degree of filtration or a physical obstacle to a series of molecules, but by using specific membranes we exploit the different chemical affinities of specific semi-permeable membranes obtaining the passage of known and desired molecules.

Pentacque builds industrial reverse osmosis plants for the demineralization of water (whether well or aqueduct) for the production of demineralized water of the highest quality. Our reverse osmosis plants can also be used for the desalination of primary water and the reuse of secondary water.

The range of our industrial reverse osmosis plants extends not only to the treatment of primary water but also to the treatment of water from industrial production processes. These reverse osmosis plants allow the treatment and recycling of water that is normally destined for discharge or sent to conventional purification, obtaining recycling water of similar quality to demineralized water and recycling water of more than 95 %.

The types of liquid that can be treated with an industrial reverse osmosis plant are very wide; osmosis plants must be designed on the basis of the chemical characteristics of the water and on the basis of the results established in the project. Applications and the inclusion of mechanical pre-filtration stages or pre-treatments that also use ultrafiltration membranes are essential.

It is important that reverse osmosis plants use the right tangential flow velocities to keep the membrane fluxed and efficient. The set pressure must be in accordance with the membrane to avoid premature deterioration of the membrane and subsequent quality performance of the reverse osmosis system.

Depending on the requirements and the type of wastewater or liquid to be treated, industrial reverse osmosis plants can be manufactured by us and arranged in a first stage of treatment and a second stage of finishing. These plants on the basis of needs can be equipped with evaporation plants or other plants supplied by us to reach zero discharge; they are always completely automatic and equipped with self-correction systems.

Pentacque, after the supply of the osmosis plants, supports the customer in all the functions by realizing a complete instruction of the reverse osmosis plants.

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