Zero discharge plants – recycling of purified water

Zero wastewater treatment plants – industrial water treatment plants for recycling

The assessment by a company to use a zero-discharge water treatment plant is a well-established reality.

Zero discharge in industrial water purification plants consists in the design of a plant that treats the water and reuses it completely in its production cycle.

The reasons a company chooses a zero discharge or recycling purification plant, are not only due to the use of “green” solutions, but also to solve problems sometimes due to the difficulties of the water purification plant to respect the discharge limits, or to a lack of available water, or to the impossibility to have a permit from the authorities in charge.

In addition to these important initial assessments, it should be noted that using a zero-discharge treatment plant is sometimes economically advantageous compared to other industrial plant solutions.

Pentacque, thanks to its thirty years of experience, proposes zero discharge purification plants subdividing the industrial wastewater generated by the production line by type and characteristics.

These types of water treatment plants combine different plant types reducing investment costs and significantly reducing operating costs.

For each customer a careful evaluation of the processing and production process is carried out, a zero wastewater treatment plant must bring, economy, easy operational management, high quality of reused water, reuse of raw materials not converted into waste and correct management costs of the purification plants.


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