Water purification plants for Automotive

Water treatment plants for automotive, Water purification plants for automotive

The car market also known as the automotive market plays a central role in our work and in the economy of an industrial country.

The automotive sector groups together everything that is important in the technological field.

The automotive is a highly complex market that develops a series of diversified products but all combined to make a product.

The industrial production of cars requires multiple treatments and these sometimes produce wastewater that must necessarily be treated with specific purification plants or water treatment plants for recycling.

The processes in this sector are multiple, we process metals, alloys, aluminum, plastics, resins, electronic components and many other materials.

Some of these industrial processes realize for various reasons wastewater where there are a series of chemical pollutants that must be included in a water treatment.

The issues related to the purification of water related to the automotive industry are of big consistency.

Correctly designed industrial water treatment plants follow dedicated procedures, Pentacque has developed functional solutions, each process is carefully analyzed, the proposed technical solution includes the application of industrial water purification plants in closed circuit or recycling and open with discharge of purified water.

The combination of different types of water treatment plants leads to a series of advantages: reduced investment costs, great ownership of treated water and lower economic costs of usual management.

The experience and knowledge developed in the automotive sector are the necessary foundations to present the correct water treatment plant, the best plant combination and the correct water purification plant

The industrial water treatment plants normally proposed in the automotive sector are:

Continuous chemical and physical purification plants

Chemical-physical sewage treatment plants in batch

Automotive sludge dewatering plants

Water de-oiling plants

Ion exchange resin plants with backflushing or equicurrent ion exchange with total recycling specific for automotive

Resin plants for the absorption of heavy metals

Absorbent filtration plants for EDTA surfactants and organic substances by recycling or discharge

Cyanide oxidation or hexavalent chromate reduction plants

Plants for concentration or vacuum evaporation of eluates and concentrates

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