Chemical-physical plant for tanker truck washing

Water purification plant for tanker trucks Chemical-physical water treatment, for articulated lorries industrial vehicles

The process of reclamation and washing of tankers and industrial vehicles in recent times has undergone a great development, Europe to ensure the conformity of products transported in tanks, has developed a regulation that must be certified.

It has been possible to create a new industrial sector such as tanker truck washing.

The reclamation and washing of tanker trucks produces a considerable amount of wastewater with chemical-physical and biological characteristics with a great variability.

Every single washing of tanker and its reclamation produces a wastewater that is composed of the product previously contained by the industrial medium, for this reason it is necessary to design specific chemical-physical water treatment plants that consider the great chemical diversity with a wide flexibility of wastewater treatment.

Pentacque, strong of its experience, is able to advise and provide you with chemical physical water treatment plants that meet these needs, these water treatment plants in some cases are not composed of a chemical physical treatment but are integrated with a biological activated sludge plant.

The chemical-physical water treatment section, is highly effective and flexible, industrial purification plants must be able to manage the wastewater even with strong diversification of chemical pollutants, the chemical-physical water treatment plant in this sector is reinforced in its performance thanks to the dosing of specific reagents that are also activated on organic components and complexing substances.

This can be obtained thanks to a PLC automation and with a stoichiometric dosing of the correct chemical contrast reagents, it should also be emphasized that the chemical physical plant must treat wastewater that have a presence of suspended and sedimentable solids, a preliminary flotation plant helps the purification and lightens the dosage of reagents needed making the chemical physical purification plant cheaper in its management.

The combination of chemical-physical and biological plants that work in harmony, are the correct solution in this sector, the water purification treatment designed ensures the functionality and compliance with the tabular limits of the wastewater discharged.

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