Chemical-physical purification plant

Chemical-physical water treatment, Water purification plant

The chemical-physical purification is a technology used by Pentacque now in a consolidated way, these water purification plants have an infinite number of applications, designed in harmony with the need to protect the environment by respecting the Cee regulations and analyzing the problem in a complete way, we guarantee competence and competitiveness necessary to provide physical chemical plants with high characteristics, they have always been the most truthful test bench for manufacturing companies.

The chemical-physical purification plants are mainly used to purify and treat water containing non-biodegradable substances, the chemical-physical purification plants have a series of well-defined reactions and use a series of additives and chemical reagents.

Our evaluation to carry out the study of a chemical-physical purification plant is born by evaluating from the beginning the processing operation, the optimal separation of the various types of water, the obligatory control of the same, and the good dewatering of the sludge. This brings in a chemical-physical purification plant an economic efficiency in water treatment and the supply of a water treatment system that ensures compliance with current regulations.

These series of physical-chemical purification plants are sometimes enormously diversified and can be completed by a series of automations that make these plants reliable and autonomous. Pentacque realizes these chemical-physical purification plants paying particular attention to the respect of the contact times at flow rates and to the various chemical-physical processes and reactions.

Although, the chemical-physical purification plants are always customized according to specific needs, they are assembled in Monoblock’s. Pentacque’s commitment is to provide compact and reliable water purification plants with guarantees of compliance with current regulations.

The chemical-physical plants can be summarily divided into various sections, an industrial water treatment plant can contain part of these sections

Chemical-physical purification plant


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