Advanced Oxidation with Ozone Plant

Ozone – UV rays – Hydrogen peroxide water industrial water treatment

The advanced ozone oxidation process is a type of chemical hyper-oxidation that has developed much interest in recent years in wastewater treatment.

This process has the advantage that it is easy to manage and does not produce sludge or harmful substances.

Pentacque produces advanced oxidation plants which has one of the highest oxidation powers known so far, the reaction mechanism is defined as “direct” and “indirect”, as the first phase of oxidation produces OH-radicals which realize the indirect reaction.

These very short-lived radicals have an even higher and stronger oxidation power than ozone alone against organic and inorganic substances.

Activation / Direct reaction =O3 + O2– -> O3– + O2 / O3– + H+ -> HO3- (PH < ≈ 8)

Indirect Radicals Reaction = OH- + O3 -> HO4- / HO4- -> O2 + HO2-

The ozone, is an extremely reactive gas, is produced directly in our plants with a special generator and is introduced directly into the water without temporary storage through a static mixing rector and countercurrent movement of the fluid.

Due to its high reactivity, ozone in water decomposes back into oxygen with a half-life varying from fractions of a second to a maximum of 30 minutes, depending on the type of substance with which the gas comes into contact.

The plant engineering foresees the production of ozone at low concentrations not higher than 20 gr/Nm3, this concentration is safe with simplified management and foresees in any case stainless steel pipes until the injection in the water.

The indirect sub reactions of oxidation with ozone that are created are catalyzed and amplified by the presence of hydrogen peroxide dosed with electronic dosing pump and UV irradiation.

All reactive substances in an advanced ozone treatment system must therefore be fully harmonized and balanced.

The advanced oxidation plants are completed with residual ozone survey probe, an inverter will manage in real time the ozone production and stoichiometric dosing of hydrogen peroxide.

This solution ozone + hydrogen peroxide + UV rays realize and amplify the oxidation reactions that ozone alone could generate, and creates a very economical and efficient wastewater treatment system.

The advanced ozone treatment plants operate with compressed air or oxygen and can be completed with the following accessories:

  • Mounting in containers
  • Residual ozone relief probe
  • Residual ozone suppressor
  • Automatic ozone flow management
  • Automatic chemicals dosing
  • Automatic pH adjustment
  • Cooling Ciller
  • Remote control and management

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