Used filterpress for sludge

Used plant:

The used and overhauled filter press is a plant that we market often.

This is because the life of a filter press is very long.

A reconditioned used filter press can be used to filter industrial or food liquids, it is also used to recover filterable products, or to dehydrate sludge from water treatment and purification plants.

Filter presses have few mechanical and electronic parts, for this reason a good overhaul leads to a good result over time.

Pentacque withdraws and markets the filter presses that it considers appropriately valid.

The overhaul of a used filter press consists of a complete disassembly, a complete repainting, a complete overhaul of all the mechanical parts, and its testing.

Normally the filters canvas are completely replaced and better adapted to the new purpose, whether filtering or dehydrating.

Technical characteristics used overhauled filter press:


Semiautomatic used filter press


Used model 440 x 440
Number of plates 50
Filtering surface Mc 17,5
Containment capacity 218 l
Type of plates polypropylene
Plate thickness 45 mm
Dehydrated thickness 25 mm
Sludge discharge Manual
Plate closing- opening Automatic
Filtration cloths new
High pressure pump no
Overall dimensions 4.200 x 750 x 1250 mm
Weight (indicative) 1500 kg

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