Static oil separators, Water de-oiling, purification plant

Industrial de-oiling, Water treatment, Static oil separator

The static oil separators are the most simplified system of water de-oiling, these oil separators allow to obtain by gravity difference the de-oiling of all suspended particles with a specific gravity lower than water.

This oil separator is the most widespread and used system for the treatment of first rain water and in all processes that do not involve the complex of oily substances that are free to float and migrate upwards.

The de-oiling process accumulates the oil and hydrocarbons in the upper part of the system, the de-oiled water, thanks to special bulkheads, is sent to the next stage and after discharge, the oil stored on the surface is skimmed with an overflow blade and stored in a special tank.

The design and construction of a static oil separator must consider the flow velocities involved, and the rising speed must never exceed 3 millimeters per second, the calm zones necessary to slow down the water flow are important for the functionality and efficiency of the oil removal.


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