Wastewater flotation plant

Chemical flotation plant for micro-bubble water

The flotation of wastewater from a process is carried out with air or gas, is used to separate oil, surfactant grease and large quantities of fine solid particles and for COD abatement.

Chemical-physical plants use decantation or sedimentation, if the water has pollutants that inhibit flocculation there is the technical difficulty to ensure effective sedimentation.

In contrast to sedimentation, a flotation plant is a water purification system which, thanks to induced or activated flotation, agglomerates suspended solid particles, oily substances, hydrocarbons, surfactants and gas micro-bubbles.

The flotation capacity of the polluting particles is due to the intimate bond of the air to the pollutant, it is important that the plant produces tiny micro-bubbles and that there is the dosage of suitable flocculants and coagulants that allow the chemical-mechanical flotation.

The development of the micro-bubbles of gas that transport the polluting solid particles upwards, occurs by suction of the gases with specific ejector fed with recirculated liquid (induced gas flotation) or by forcing the gas into the liquid at high pressure (air or dissolved gas flotation).

Pentacque manufactures vertical cylindrical floats with conical bottom. The floater is equipped with a micro-bubble air insufflation system and a circular scraper whose task is to remove the floating suspension, the conical bottom also allows to remove the first settling sludge.

The most suitable type of chemical reagents to be used for a flotation plant is tested with technical tests in our laboratory. The dimensioning of the flotation unit is carried out by Pentacque according to the flow rates and the type of water to be treated.

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