Mixed bed resin demineralisation plants

Mixed bed ion exchange resins for pure water production, demineralization

The mixed bed demineralisation plants solve a great demand of those companies that need to have high quality and very advanced processes from a technical point of view.

Mixed bed systems of this type compared to traditional resin demineralisation systems produce water with conductivity lower than the single uS/cm, this clarifies the purity of the water that these ion exchange resin systems can produce.

The water coming from a mixed bed resin plant that is produced with this type of plant is defined “balanced“, because the absence of any cation or anion, allows the products to obtain a perfect cleaning, and a complete absence of oxidation, these qualities that our mixed bed resins create, are fundamental in some industrial processes.

This ion exchange reaction in our plants takes place within a single column, and the ion exchange resins are mixed containing a precise percentage of specific cationic and anionic resins.

This mixture is called mixed bed resin, the choice of ion exchange resins and their percentage define the cyclic performance and the quality of the demineralized water produced.

These mixed bed plants are of two types, consumable resins and regenerable resins.

By consumable resins we mean plants where the mixed-bed resin performs its demineralisation cycle until it is exhausted with its periodic fully replacement, in this case the demineralisation plants can also be made up, where necessary, of two columns to use alternately to eliminate the stoppage during the replacement of the mixed-bed resins.

The regenerable mixed bed resin plants are plants equipped with a complete automation, this is activated when the conductivity is not acceptable, and performs all the regeneration phases including separation and mixing, our automation ensures the control of every single regeneration cycle and the presence of personnel is not necessary.

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