Water purification plants assistance

Assistance water treatment plants , water treatment plants

The periodic technical assistance on water purification plants is a service that Pentacque manages on all the treatment plants we built or we revised and restructured, this system of plant management anticipates any chemical and plant anomalies preventing any negative scenario.

The Technical Assistance service is provided on chemical-physical purification plants, biological plants, zero recycling and discharge plants, resin demineralization plants, industrial softeners, vacuum evaporators, osmosis plants, etc..

Technical assistance on water treatment plants is conceived as an integral value of the plant and not as an accessory expense. Maintaining a plant in perfect efficiency means, in addition to preventing a problem, improving plant efficiency, optimizing running costs and the consumption of chemical reagents necessary for water treatment plants.

The technical assistance service has cadences agreed with the company based on the needs of each type of water treatment plant, this management is carried out by specialized engineers, the assistance on the purification plant is accompanied by a report describing all the operations performed by the technicians, this documentation and the analysis of wastewater or process water will remain in the possession of the company.

The company operator in charge of the management and assistance of the water treatment system will be able to interact with our technical staff, taking all the useful information and any reports.

In this way, in addition to the technical assistance on the water purification plant, the technical prescription normally required by the control bodies at the time of authorization is also guaranteed.

Our periodic assistance service on the purification plants carried out by Pentacque can, if requested, be extended also to water treatment plants not built by us.


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