Floating bed backflushing demineralisation systems

Demineralization plants – ion exchange resins

Pentacque has developed and completed the line of resin plants with the design and manufacture of backflushing demineralizers, these are the most advanced technology that can be used to manage ion exchange resins.

These backflushing demineralisation plants are used in specific industrial processes to create zero discharge circuits, and are composed of a series of columns placed in series and filled with ion exchange resin with equal granulometry of several cationic and anionic types.

The water to be treated unlike other demineralization plants is fed from the bottom upwards, this technique makes the ion exchange resin bed completely raised creating a micro movement, this technology allows to use 100% of the resins producing a high quality of demineralized water.

The demineralisation process with ion exchange resins is continuous and cyclic, when the plants are in service the resins continuously carry out the exchange and are saturated, the resins are automatically regenerated with a suitable solution and restored to their initial conditions.

The advantages of using ion exchange resin demineralisation plants with backflushing ion exchange compared to an Equicurrent resin plant are the following:

  • superior quality of the demineralised water produced
  • cyclically higher as the raised resin performs a complete ion exchange
  • elimination of preferential water currents inside the resin columns
  • elimination of the backwash cycle and related regeneration water consumption
  • reduction of the regeneration time by 30 % of the Equicurrent resin plant
  • 50% reduction in regeneration eluates produced by resins

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