Resin plants for groundwater

Groundwater treatment with resin plants, water treatment plants

Pentacque has developed a good experience for the construction of groundwater treatment plants, and for the reclamation of reservoirs, ponds or wells.

By reclamation we mean the purification of a water system that during industrial processes with a high polluting power, due to a spill or accident, cause pollution of the same.

The reclamation of groundwater is carried out by purification plants, and can be very articulated, the treatment time of groundwater is limited to the time necessary to eliminate the pollutants detected.

The treatment and purification plants used are normally chemical-physical purification plants, the classical steps are neutralization, flocculation followed by clarification and adsorbent compound filtration, or metal selective resins.

The resin plants used for the reclamation of groundwater are made of columns that use different types of resins.

If the pollutant is heavy metals such as copper, zinc, nickel, is used a purification plant using some columns filled with chelating resins, these plants can be fully automatic with the regeneration system, or alternatively, it is possible to carry out the regeneration system elsewhere by rotating the filter columns filled with chelating resins for metals.

In case of pollution by hexavalent chromium, strong anionic type I resins with high selectivity are used.

The reclamation of the aquifers with resin systems must be evaluated according to the concentration of the degree of pollution and the extent of the body of water to be treated and the estimated time needed to complete the reclamation operation.

It will therefore be necessary from time to time to choose the most appropriate and convenient system to provide the customer, with the various technical choices that, in addition to ensuring the functionality, limit the cost of operation.

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