Water recycling plants with resin demineralisation plants

Water recycling with demineralisation – ion exchange resins

The use of an ion exchange resin demineralization plant to create a zero-wastewater treatment system is a well-established reality.

Zero discharge in water purification plants is the design of a plant that treats water and reuses it within its production.

Pentacque, thanks to its experience, offers zero discharge purification plants providing resin water demineralization plants divided by type of pollutant and characteristics.

To complete a zero-recycle and zero-discharge system, these resin demineralization plants are supported by other treatment systems such as chemical-physical reverse osmosis plants, evaporation and vacuum concentration plants.

For each customer we carry out a careful evaluation of the processing and production process, a zero-discharge demineralization plant must have the right composition, the right size, automated management and guarantee a high quality of reused water.

The creation of a plant that produces demineralized water for recycling foresees for almost all cases the use of ion exchange resin plants, these resin plants can be of two types: backflushing or Equicurrent, the choice of the type of plant, the level of automation, and the number of columns filled with ion exchange resins is differentiated on the basis of the type of pollutants to be treated and purified through demineralization.

The demineralization plants used to recycle water and create a closed circuit, are completely automatic, the backflushing demineralization plants are the most suitable application to achieve a zero discharge thanks to the low production of regeneration eluates and the complete exhaustion given by the backflushing of the resins used in the demineralization plant.

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