Resin plants for the recovery of precious metals

Ion exchange resins for gold – palladium – platinum metal recovery

The line of resin plants for the recovery of metals are widely used in the processing of precious metals, these metals dissolved in water are of great value, and must be recovered with simple, effective and economical methods.

These plants use resins with high retention capacity and a selection of metals such as gold, palladium, platinum. These resins can saturate up to 60 grams of precious metal for every ion exchange resin used.

Once the resins have been saturated with the precious metals they have retained during their long service, they are replaced with new resins.

The resins are treated by specialized companies where through incineration and refining create the recovery of precious metals generating a high economic value.

The plants designed by Pentacque are normally double column, this system allows to saturate the first column completely and use the second column full of resins as finishing, after each recovery the working cycle of the columns is reversed, this system allows a higher recovery of precious metals and a higher economy due to the lower consumption of resins used.

The plants that Pentacque produces are functional and economic, during the service the presence of personnel is not necessary, all this allows to quickly recover the investment of a resin plant for metal recovery and then create a continuous economic return.

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