Sludge dewatering with filterpress, water purification

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The filter press is a simple machine that separates suspended and sedimentable solids contained in an aqueous solution.

The purpose is to dehydrate the sludge and if possible technically recover the water coming out of the filter press.

The filtration process of the filter press is the following: a high pressure pump suitable to handle liquids with high density and with the presence of sludge, sends the aqueous solution inside the machine, the filter press is composed of a series of plates to which are applied filtering cloths the high pressure created by the pump inside the chambers combined with the filtration capacity of the cloths, create a division of the sludge from the water and a fast thickening of the sludge that is brought to the dewatering.

The fully filtered outlet water can be reused or returned to the purification cycle.

Filter presses are used in many sectors for the dewatering of sludge from industrial wastewater treatment plants and in many chemical, pharmaceutical and food processing processes etc.

The sludge produced by the purification systems has a higher density than water, and separates creating a thickening.

This thickening reaches a water concentration of 85 % to 95 %, and has to be dehydrated, the filter press is suitable for this purpose and creates considerable economic savings in disposal costs.

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