Discontinuous charge chemical-physical Batch purification plant

Batch chemical-physical treatment plant, water purification

Batch sewage plants are a type of physical-chemical plant mainly used when the volumes of wastewater are minimal or concentrated.

These types of batch plants are also called charge or discontinuous, their particularity is a full adaptation to the polluting characteristics of the wastewater, the batch chemical- physical plants being discontinuous plants have a wide treatment time, in this way they have a higher efficiency than the continuous chemical- physical one.

The correct initial assessment of the wastewater to be treated and the facilitated dosing of reagents allows a better response of the chemical reactions and the entire water purification process.

It should be considered that batch plants occupy less space and are modular, following the needs and changes of companies over the years.

The characteristic that distinguishes these chemical-physical batch plants is their cost-effectiveness, while maintaining a fully automatic purification treatment cycle.

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