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Wastewater concentration, evaporation plants water concentration, vacuum water concentrators

Vacuum evaporation systems are the most advanced technical solution to the problem of raw material recovery and the treatment of products with high concentration of pollutants.

The basis of the operating principle of vacuum concentrator evaporation systems is to use a heat source to evaporate the incoming liquids, this evaporation or distillation of the liquid is greatly amplified by the implementation of vacuum inside the boiling boiler where the liquid is placed.

This artificial vacuum system used by vacuum concentrator evaporators allows a small amount of thermal energy to be used as the lack of normal atmospheric pressure, allows liquids to condense and, therefore, evaporate not at a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius but at a temperature adjacent to 35 degrees Celsius.

This simple principle is normally used by us on vacuum evaporator concentrators to separate the product to be treated into two distinct liquids: the first called “distillate” is the liquid cleaned of all pollutants, this can be recycled and reused as desired; the second called “concentrate” is the solution consisting of all pollutants present and treated with the evaporator characterized by very high concentrations and very limited volumes.

Our concentrating evaporators, after having produced the vacuum automatically inside one or more kettles, aspirate the liquid to be concentrated and through an immersed coil or an external jacket where the thermal energy passes, it is heated, the same begins to evaporate and a separator septum collects the condensed vapor, now purified; this is promptly cooled and re-condensed to obtain the decontaminated liquid. Our condensate separators, thanks to their innovative shape and development, allow a more effective and intimate distillation that allows a greater evaporation and a lower energy demand than other products.

Inside the vacuum evaporator tank, the liquid to be treated is normally reintegrated keeping the evaporation phase in any case, the concentrate produced by the evaporator enriched with salts created during the processing, automatically proceeds to its extraction without ever stopping the evaporation or other.

The industrial vacuum evaporators that Pentacque proposes are built in monobloc on skids of small dimensions and easy to install.

The concentration evaporation plants are managed in a completely automatic way, without the need of particular maintenance; the evaporation functions of the machines are complete and are programmed by means of a PLC without requiring in any way the continuous presence of operators.



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