Water purification plants for zinc nickel galvanizing

Water treatment plants for zinc nickel galvanizing, Water purification plants

The galvanic treatment and surface treatments on metals, also include deposition of zinc nickel combined and galvanizing, these processes consist of treating metal products with aqueous chemical solutions that contain acid and basic salts, metals and specific additives.

These galvanizing and zinc nickel deposition processes produce water with a high degree of pollution, the various galvanic processes involve the immersion of the material to be processed in chemical solutions by initially cleaning the pieces and then the various electrochemical depositions desired.

The problems related to the purification of water linked to the galvanic zinc nickel and galvanizing industry are of great importance.

The treatment and purification plants of the water coming from the galvanizing and zinc nickel processing follow a specific path, Pentacque thanks to its experience has developed functional solutions: each processing is carefully analyzed, and the technical proposal is the application of closed and open circuit purification plants or a plant that combines both techniques.

The combination of water treatment plants with different technology and the knowledge of the single washings makes us able to propose plant solutions that present a series of advantages, reduction of investment costs, wide quality of treated water and reduction of management costs.

The careful estimation of the galvanizing or zinc nickel process are the necessary bases to build water treatment plants, to obtain the best plant combinations and the correct wastewater treatment plant.

The water treatment plants normally proposed in these sectors are:

  • Continuous chemical-physical purification plants
  • Plants with specific breakage sections of metal complexes
  • Sludge dewatering plants with filter presses
  • Ion exchange resin plants with backflushing or equicurrent total recycle ion exchange plants specific for galvanizing
  • Resin plants for the absorption of heavy metals
  • Absorbent filtration plants for EDTA surfactants and organic substances by recycling or dumping
  • Cyanide oxidation or hexavalent chromate reduction plants
  • Plants for the concentration or vacuum evaporation of eluates and galvanic concentrates

Pentacque strong from its experience developed in galvanizing and zinc nickel process, proposes the combination of zero discharge purification plants and not subdividing the wastewater generated by the galvanic production line by type, and by technical characteristics.

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