Selective chelating resin plants for metals

Metal treatment with selective resin plants, purification plants

The removal of heavy metals in industry is a functional necessity, this resin filtration is used in some production processes and also as a complement in water treatment and purification.

These plants use in some cases ion exchange resins or chelators with an active selection only on metals such as copper, iron, nickel, zinc lead etc…

The selectivity of the chelating resins is given by the sulfonic or carboxylic functional groups, the chelating property is given by the bond with the EDTA in saline form, during the passage on the resin the water exchanges the metal that has to be removed with hydrogen, this exchange occurs only on heavy metals and not on other ions, this property contributes to not exhaust the resin quickly and to create a cyclic service, final polishing, very wide.

After a chemical-physical water treatment purification it’s usually used a chelating resin filtration plant.

The chelating resin makes it possible to treat the wastewater coming out of the purification plant by reducing the concentration of the heavy metal values copper, zinc, nickel, iron, lead, making the wastewater conform to the discharge into the sewer or into the authorized receptor water body.

Our chelating resin filtration systems use specific resins with high exchange capacity, our automation guarantees perfect regeneration and final conditioning of the resins that allows zero interference from non-metallic ions.

The major applications of chelating resin for metal abatement and reduction are:

  • Recovery of metals such as zinc, copper, nickel
  • Balancing and purification of industrial process baths
  • Reduction of metals in wastewater from the metallurgical industry
  • Downstream filtration of purification plants in the galvanic industry
  • Absorption in primary waters polluted by heavy metals

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