Restructuring of water purification plants

Renovation of water treatment plants, Recovery of purification plants

A water purification plant during its service is led to sustain the ageing caused by the heavy continuous work to which it is normally subjected and the contact with chemically aggressive liquids and vapours.

The restructuring of an industrial water treatment plant must be seen as an opportunity and not just an economic expense.

The engineering and physical restructuring of a purification plant offers the possibility of revising the plant and the industrial water treatment system in its entirety, also harmonising it to the new plant and production requirements.

Integrating water treatment stages, modernizing, improving efficiency in a water treatment plant means first of all creating a water treatment plant with lower running costs than the previous water treatment plant with reduced ordinary maintenance.

The renovation or revamping or recovery of a purification plant is always designed to maintain over time the reference standards always evolving water treatment systems, the arrangement of the plant can also be designed to recycle water completely or even partially.

The correct evaluation of a restructuring of a water purification plant, is in the ability to understand the necessary interventions evaluating them from the economic and technical point of view, only after this phase will be able to develop the best solution and achieve an effective restructuring of the water purification plant.

The targeted intervention on an industrial wastewater treatment plant is not a cost, but a conservative investment, the costs of restructuring the water purification system have access to the tax relief provided by the “Industry 4.0” legislation.


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