Iron removal from water, water iron removal filtration

Iron removal for water, iron and manganese treatment plants

Iron and manganese may be present in water in dissolved form or as a precipitate in suspension.

The treatment for the iron removal of the water does not involve particular problems, in fact it can be carried out by a normal column filtration.

A purification plant for the removal of iron present in dissolved form as a ferrous ion, must first of all involve its oxidation to ferric ion, then its precipitation and only after, obtaining the suspended form, it possible to proceed to its mechanical filtration and complete iron removal.

In water treatment the removal of iron and manganese takes place by passing from the dissolved iron, in the form of Fe++, to a transformation by oxidation to Fe+++.

The removal – iron removal of water uses manganese dioxide or pyrolusite, or manganese zeolites.

In the industrial purification sector manganese dioxide, generally called pyrolusite, is an excellent system to deferrize water, because it acts as a catalyst for the oxidation of iron from bivalent to trivalent, this allows the filter to retain the iron as it is unsolved to water.

Our filters to deferrize and remove iron are completely automatic, the plants are built both in industrial and food version, they are complete with oxidizer dosage and automatic and periodic backwashing system, the backwashing is supported by air insufflation that allows a better mechanical removal of the iron precipitate removed from the water.

Our plants use manganese dioxide in the upper part of the filters, and zeolites are used in the lower part for their great filtering power and their good cleaning capacity.

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