Water purification plants for Die-casting Foundry

Water treatment plants for die-casting Water purification plants for foundry

In the foundry sector, various processes are used which require the processing and melting of ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and their alloys.

Foundries produce the raw material necessary for all industries to achieve the various transformations in the automotive and construction sectors and become part of a major sector of the economy.

The sector of the die-casting of metals, is one of the processes of the foundry and consists of injecting the metal in a mold, it is easy to imagine how wide this type of industry is.

The foundry and die-casting sectors require multiple treatments and these processes sometimes produce wastewater that presents a series of pollutants that must be treated with specific purification plants or water treatment plants for recycling.

The issues related to the purification of water are different, you can provide vacuum evaporation plants to recycle water using detaching agents, this purification system completely recycles the water realizing zero discharge.

The industrial water treatment plants are also of the chemical-physical type, continuous or batch, or ion exchange resins, in some cases it is necessary to insert coalescence de-oiling systems, and in case of yards used for production or industrial transit, it is necessary to install first rain systems.

The experience and knowledge developed in the foundry and die-casting sector, are the necessary foundations to provide the correct treatment plant and water purification plant

The industrial water treatment plants normally proposed in this sector are:

  • Plants for concentration or evaporation under vacuum of eluates and concentrates
  • Continuous chemical-physical purification plants
  • Chemical-physical sewage treatment plants in batch
  • Installations first rain
  • Water de-oiling plants
  • Sludge dewatering plants
  • Resin plants for the absorption of heavy metals
  • Absorbent filtration plants for EDTA surfactants and organic substances by recycling or discharge

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