Water purification plants mechanical industry

water treatment plants for mechanical industry – water purification plants

The mechanical engineering industry is the sector that deals with metalworking.

The production of manufactured articles is the base of the industrialization of a nation, this sector has the task to produce semi-finished products necessary to varied sectors.

The mechanical industry in its phases of realization of the manufactured articles produces a series of polluted aqueous wastes that must necessarily be treated.

The water treatment and purification plants coming from the mechanical industry follow a determined path, Pentacque thanks to its knowledge and experience has developed the optimal plant solutions for every need.

The solutions we adopt in this sector are open circuit purification plants, and closed circuit purification plants with complete water recovery.

The careful evaluation of the mechanical processing are the necessary foundations to manufacture wastewater treatment plants with the best possible plant combinations and provide the correct industrial water treatment plant.

The water treatment plants normally proposed in these sectors are:

  • Continuous chemical-physical purification plants
  • Chemical-physical sewage treatment plants in batch
  • Sludge dewatering plants with filter presses
  • Ion exchange resin plants with backflushing or equicurrent ion exchange with full recycling
  • Resin purification plants for heavy metals retention
  • Absorbent filtration plants for surfactants and COD
  • Plants for concentration or vacuum evaporation of eluates and spent concentrates

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