Water de-oiling, water oil separators

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Pentacque builds water de-oiling plants. The oil separators are structures designed for the separation of gasoline, oils, greases and other light fractions derived from petroleum products and not, water d-oiling plants have many applications, they are often applied as pre-treatment stage of first rain water, or as an initial stage before a physical-chemical water treatment plant, the oil separators are also used to remove the oily matrix from industrial processes, the de-oiling is also applied to recover a series of chemical baths to increase their yield and purity.

The operation of the oil separators is similar to the principles of sedimentation under the action of gravity, these behave as sedimentation tanks in which the oily particles, instead of settling on the bottom, float on the surface.

Basically, there are two types of de-oiling plants: the gravity separator and the coalescence separator.

The de-oiling of water by gravity is obtained by reducing the speed of the influent and providing a calm zone in which the substances present, characterized by a lower specific weight than water, rise inside the oil separator and float.

Coalescence de-oiling is mainly present in the industrial sector and it uses lamellar packs in unalterable plastic material.  The reed valve pack has the capacity to increase the effective flotation surface, in this way inside the oil separator the aggregation of the lightest particles is favored, facilitating their ascent. This de-oiling system increases the separation efficiency and reduces the size compared to gravity de-oiling systems with larger volumes.



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