Chemical-physical plant for galvanic sector

Chemical-physical water treatment, Water purification plant for galvanic and surface treatments

The galvanic industry and the surface treatment of metals is a sector of primary importance, this galvanic process is a technique that allows to coat a metal with another metal of different characteristics through electrolytic deposition.

The galvanic industry uses this electrolysis process to protect metal structures from corrosion and for decorative and aesthetic purposes.

The galvanic surface treatments are very diversified, copper plating, zinc plating, tin plating, nickel plating, chrome plating, gold plating, combined zinc-nickel plating, brass plating, silver plating, chrome plating, etc. can be carried out on metals.

All these galvanic processes are carried out by immersing the metal products in a series of tanks containing liquids called “Galvanic baths” where, initially, the workpiece is prepared and cleaned and then the metal is coated using the electrolysis process.

During these processes, polluted wastewater is produced, which normally requires a chemical-physical water treatment plant, sometimes even combined with other plants such as resin water demineralizers.

The chemical-physical plant is the water purification system that is a suitable solution in case of high concentrations of polluted water, the working range of a chemical-physical plant is wide and the abatement of pollutants is very efficient.

The chemical-physical plants, initially, use a series of chemical reactions that make the pollutants insoluble to water, and then the reactions become physical to allow the same pollutants called sludge, to precipitate in decanters and thickeners, the purification plant ends with mechanical quartz filtration systems for suspended solids, carbon absorbent for the abatement of the Cod, organic substances and surfactants, and filtration resins for the treatment of heavy metals such as copper, zinc, nickel, iron.

Our chemical-physical plants for the galvanic sector are completely automatic purification plants, we have developed a considerable experience that allows us to design and supply a chemical-physical purification plant with the correct oxidation reactions and chemical reductions, in this way we can guarantee the respect of the current tabular limits of wastewater.

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