Water purification plants for waste management storage recovery

Water treatment plants for waste management recovery, Water purification plants.

A company that owns a platform or plant for the management of special hazardous urban waste is equipped with a series of purification plants and various water treatments.

The waste entering the platform is accepted and classified with analysis, following this cognitive procedure, the waste is directed to the appropriate treatment system.

The necessary purification treatments are of various plant technologies, the pollution that this waste presents, are of various nature, biological or chemical, the wastewater often presents high concentrations of pollutants, and the classic purification systems are not completely effective to treat this wastewater, for this reason the water treatment must provide different technologies that can also be used at the same time.

These companies, which are the owners of waste management and treatment, must be able to treat the wastewater collected even during atmospheric events with specific plants, given the high risk of contamination.

These are the platforms for the treatment and disposal of hazardous waste and do not use the following water treatment plants:

  • Various safety storage facilities
  • Chemical-physical water purification plants
  • Fenton reaction systems
  • Water de-oiling plants
  • Biological activated sludge plants
  • Evaporators for concentration
  • Filtration systems for abatement Cod and organic substances
  • Chelating resin filtration plants for heavy metals treatment
  • Sludge dewatering plants

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