Reed valve pack oil separators, Coalescence de-oiling

Industrial de-oiling, Coalescing de-oiling, reed valve pack de-oiling

Coalescence de-oiling is mainly present in the industrial sector and uses lamellar packs made of unalterable plastic material.  The reed valve pack has the capacity to increase the effective floatation surface, in this way, and with the use of reed valve pack inside the oil separator the aggregation of the lighter particles is favored, facilitating their ascent.

This de-oiling system increases the separation efficiency by reducing the size compared to gravity de-oiling systems with larger volumes.

The main advantages of using the lamellar oil separator as an alternative to static oil separators are:

  • reduction of separation surfaces and overall dimensions
  • high oil removal efficiency through aggregation
  • elimination of preferential lanes for treated water
  • elasticity of operation as the specific weights of the products and water flow rates vary
  • zero maintenance
  • reliability over time
  • contained costs


Oil separators for galvanic baths, de-oiling for galvanic baths

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