Zero discharge treatment plants, wastewater recovery and reuse

Zero discharge purification plants – Recycling, total water reuse recovery

Pentacque realizes zero discharge purification and water recovery plants combining different treatment technologies, realizing a total or partial recycling of the water coming from the various production processes.

The combination and integration of different technologies that create the conditions for water recycling and zero discharge have completely eliminated the problems related to the limits of pollutants expected in wastewater and the responsibility of a wastewater discharge.

In order to obtain a zero discharge plant and a total recycling of water, resin plants are mainly used for the demineralization of water, these plants thanks to the property of the resins that carry out the ion exchange, demineralize the water allowing the recycling and recovery of the water in their production cycle.

Vacuum evaporation plants are indispensable to concentrate pollutants and produce a distilled wastewater obtaining zero discharge and recovery of the raw materials previously used in production before recycling washes.

Reverse osmosis systems are complementary to make a zero-discharge system applicable, the use of specific membranes can reduce certain types of pollutants making it possible to recycle and recover water in production cycles.

The request of the industry to use a purification plant that combines several treatment technologies to realize a zero discharge system and a complete water recycling is more and more a necessity for our customers, the reasons are not only environmental but also necessary to solve the problems of scarce water availability, and to respect the tabular limits of some wastewater.


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