Water analysis – purification plants

Industrial water treatment plants, Laboratory

Water treated by an industrial purification plant must be analysed and controlled before being returned to the environment.

Likewise, the water needed for industrial processes also needs regular quality control for recycling and complete reuse.

Pentacque not only designs and builds water treatment plants, but also has its own internal laboratory to perform chemical and biological analysis to check the quality of wastewater and to verify the functionality of the wastewater purification or recycling system.

Our internal analysis laboratory is able to offer a punctual control service of the water produced by the treatment plants, we currently perform more than 600 controls per year on industrial discharges.

Pentacque’s in-house laboratory constantly carries out researches to create innovative purification systems, or to optimize sections of existing water treatment plants.

Pentacque pays particular attention to this internal department as it is one of the most effective methods to build high efficiency purification plants adopting the most relevant solutions.

Our in-house laboratory provides a considerable advantage to our customers, as any changes in the manufacturing processes or the replacement of certain chemical reagents can be detected, and thanks to internal research, the laboratory is able to correctly modify the treatment of industrial wastewater in the field without inaccuracies.


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