Used Plants

Used water purification plants

Using a used plant can be a solution and an opportunity.

Pentacque renews and replaces water treatment and purification plants of all kinds and deems it appropriate to withdraw the previous used plant or parts of it.

All used plants that we take back are overhauled, mechanical parts subject to wear and tear are replaced creating a used plant that is perfectly reusable.

All overhauled used plants are certified by us with CE marking.

The advantage of a used plant is the saving of the initial investment cost, but it remains important and fundamental that the used plant complies with the company’s needs.

A used plant, if properly overhauled, has an operating life equal to a newly built plant, it should be considered that during its use the maintenance of some parts may have a slightly higher cost.

The evaluation to be complete must also consider that a used sewage plant has a cost that could be even 50% lower.

A used plant could also implement some modifications that increase and improve its original characteristics.

Impianti depurazione usati

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