Treatment plants for steel industry

Water treatment plants for iron and steel industry, Water treatment plants for iron and steel industry

The steel industry is the specific sector of metallurgy which deals with the processing and treatment of metals with a high content of iron, cast iron, alloy or special steels.

The plant division of Pentacque is specialized in the design and construction of water treatment plants for the steel industry.

The iron and steel industry is a very important component in a nation, the development of this sector is the basis for the industrialization of a country, the iron and steel industry has the task of producing the basic ferrous material necessary to produce the products of the various industrial sectors.

The iron and steel industry in its phases of realization of the ferrous manufactured articles produces a series of polluted aqueous effluents that must necessarily be treated with water purification plants.

The water treatment and purification plants that the steel industry produces follow a series of paths, Pentacque thanks to its knowledge and experience has developed the optimal plant solutions for every need.

The need of treatments are on primary and secondary water and cooling, the solutions we adopt are primary water pre-treatment and conditioning plants, open and closed circuit purification plants with complete recovery of water and first rain plants of the yards subjected to runoff.

The careful evaluation of the steelmaking process are the essential bases for the construction of wastewater treatment plants with the best possible plant combinations and provide the exact industrial water treatment plant.

The water purification plants normally proposed in these sectors are:

  • Continuous chemical-physical purification plants
  • Installations first rain
  • Sludge dewatering plants with filter presses
  • Chemical-physical sewage treatment plants in batch
  • Ion exchange resin plants with backflushing or equicurrent ion exchange with total recycling
  • Resin purification plants for heavy metals retention
  • Absorbent filtration systems for surfactants and COD
  • Plants for concentration or vacuum evaporation of eluates and spent concentrates

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