Dewatering with draining bags, Sludge thickening treatment

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The dewatering of sludge from a water purification system can be carried out in various ways.

Dewatering that is efficient and not economically demanding on small plants is drainage bag dewatering.

This type of sludge dewatering is also called “gravity dewatering” and collects the sludge in special drainage bags.

Sludge bag dewatering is economical, some filter bags collect the sludge that is freed from the water by gravity and dewater the sludge inside, this solution is chosen when sludge production is low and is perfect for small purification plants.

The filter bags to dehydrate the sludge have the limit that is given by the time needed to reach the water, the number of draining units, and the type of fabric used is very important to ensure a correct and fast water drainage.

The draining bag is made of polypropylene, it has a high water drainage efficiency and it allows the percolation of the liquid and residual moisture.

The filtration capacity of the draining bag normally used is about 70- 100 µm which adapts to most sludge, the useful capacity of the draining bag is 85 liters.

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