Water purification plants for self-demolition, scrap recovery

Water treatment plants for self-demolition and metal recovery, Water purification plants.

The self-demolition companies that recover scrap metal are companies that work and transform materials such as ferrous metals, plastics, etc., creating the possibility of reuse them in industry.

The companies that deal with self-demolition, collect the scrap, store it, process it, select it and make it available for complete recovery.

Scrap collection plants and self-demolitions use uncovered yards both for the storage and for the requalification of raw materials, the atmospheric events to which they are exposed produce waste that must be treated and sent to a water treatment plant.

– Water storage and containment

– Desanding

– Coalescing de-oiling

– Chemical-physical purification plant

– Absorbent filtration for organic substances

– Final filtration for metal retention

Pentacque, thanks to its experience, is able to recommend and provide you purification plants that meet these needs, these water treatment plants in some cases are defined as complete, which means the purification is composed of all phases or those strictly necessary.

The combination of de-oiling plants and chemical-physical purification plant are necessary in this sector, the treatment designed ensures the functional guarantee and compliance with the limits in force.

The water treatment plants normally proposed in the field of self-demolition and scrap recovery are:

  • Continuous chemical-physical purification plants
  • Chemical-physical sewage treatment plants in batch
  • Sludge dewatering plants
  • Absorbent filtration equipment for surfactants and organic substances
  • Water filtration plants with chelating resins for metals

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