Equicurrent demineralisation resin plants

Demineralization plants – ion exchange resins

Equicurrent industrial resin demineralisation plants are fully automatic ion exchange plants installed on skids and easy to install.

These industrial resin plants produce demineralized water without dissolved salts, this process takes place by sending the water through the columns containing the cationic and anionic resins of various types.

The water demineralisation plants work with two main groups of resins, cationic resins and anionic resins. The ion exchange cationic resins are the first step and retain all the cations present as metals, in this phase the resins during the exchange have a transfer of H+ increasing the acidity of the water, the wastewater so treated is defined decationized, the water to be completely demineralized is sent to other columns containing anionic resins, these resins hold anions and all the salts still present, the anionic resins differ in type, weak, bifunctional and strong anionic, the choice and number of columns used in the plants leads to different and important results.

Before building a resin water demineralisation plant it is necessary to evaluate the process to ensure the best solution.

Our water demineralisation plants use a selection of top-quality ion exchange resins with high exchange capacity, this allows longer cyclic cycles, moreover a good automation and a correct programming allows to save on the use of chemical reagents necessary for the regeneration of the resins.

Impianti resina a scambio ionico

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