Testing plants for water purification

Testing plants for water purification

Designing and building a water purification and water treatment plant should not be a problem for a company that has developed thirty years of experience.

In this sense Pentacque has always used its resources to carry out tests, feasibility tests and studies for analysis of objectives compared to treatment costs in various industrial sectors, we are constantly active in implementing new solutions with the aim of improving water treatment systems and purification plants.

A test and process study of the water must follow a very precise path and in collaboration with the customer concerned:

The steps to carry out a complete test and study are:

  • Collection of information with the company
  • Collection of samples to be treated
  • Performing the analysis and composition of waste water
  • Objective definition
  • Creation of the treatment protocol for the test
  • Realization of the tests and the various tests
  • Verification of results with water analysis and technical evaluation
  • Drawing up the costs of industrialization and the costs of ordinary plant operation

The tests can be carried out with samples at our premises, with higher volumes and pilot plants always at our premises, with pilot plants at the customer’s premises or with modifications on existing plants for cognitive tests.

We are available to carry out any test for the identification of specific treatments with characteristic effluents.


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