Chemical-physical purification plant for painting

Water treatment plant for painting, chemical-physical purification plant

Painting is an industrial process necessary to protect against corrosion and oxidation and is also used to improve the aesthetic conditions of metallic and non-metallic products.

The industrial painting process of metallic materials takes place through a series of phases of preparation, pre-painting, painting, drying placed in automatic sequence.

The working cycles that produce waste during painting are normally those of degreasing, acid or neutral pickling, chemical phosphating and passivation.

Pentacque for companies that use industrial painting, provides specific chemical-physical purification plants, these plants treat wastewater from washing.

The chemical physical plant is equipped with an automatic dosing system of concentrates, the treatment plant also provides sections with special reagents to break down the salts present with high concentrations typical of this process.

The chemical-physical plants can be open circuit or with partial water recovery, our purification plants can be integrated with resin demineralization systems and vacuum evaporators.

These additional systems allow to completely recycle the water realizing the zero discharge.

Chemical-physical purification plants

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