Water purification plants for Pharmaceutical Industry

Water treatment plants for pharmaceutical industry, Water purification plants

The pharmaceutical industry uses pure water, or ultra-pure water, to carry out its processes and production.

Our plant solutions support the needs of the pharmaceutical industry, Pentacque carries out primary water treatments necessary for the production, in this case the uses are not limited to the production use only, the pharmaceutical sector also uses the treated primary water to clean, to heat, to cool etc.

The pharmaceutical sector, therefore, needs two types of water treatment, one type is the incoming one to allow the production, the other is the water obtained from the conclusion of all the processes carried out by the company.

The incoming water must have very precise characteristics, the pharmaceutical sector uses ultrafiltration plants, reverse osmosis plants, demineralization with ion exchange resins, mixed bed resin plants, water disinfection with UV plants and ozone plants.

The wastewater from the working process has a series of pollutants, the pharmaceutical sector is diversified and for this reason it is necessary to examine the process and analyze the wastewater produced, the water treatment plant could be a chemical physical purification plant, chelating resins, or a biological plant with activated sludge, some pharmaceutical industries have wastewater with bio-resistant substances or with traces of antibiotics, these cases should be tested in our laboratory to optimize the process and design an appropriate and functional water purification plant.

The industrial water treatment plants normally proposed in the pharmaceutical sector are:

  • Continuous activated sludge biological plants
  • Biological activated sludge plants in batch
  • Ultrafiltration systems
  • Reverse osmosis systems
  • Ozone systems
  • Installations for the production of ultrapure water with resins
  • Ion exchange resin backflushing purification plants
  • Heavy metal adsorption resin purification plants
  • Absorbent filtration plants for EDTA surfactants and organic substances by recycling or discharge
  • Plants for the concentration or vacuum evaporation of eluates and galvanic concentrates
  • Continuous chemical-physical purification plants
  • Sludge dewatering plants

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