Pilot plants for water treatment

Water purification plants, use of pilot plants for water

A leading company that designs and builds water purification plants must use part of its resources to develop new products and new plant solutions.

To achieve this goal it is necessary to build pilot plants for water treatment and wastewater treatment. A pilot plant is a system that reproduces water treatment, the pilot plant must simulate the chemical, physical, Van Der waals forces, absorption, ion exchange that can be subsequently replicated in the final industrial plant.

Having available pilot plants is not sufficient to complete a complete test, it is necessary to have technical knowledge of water treatment and purification plants.

To make functional and complete a test and the correct use of a pilot plant it is necessary to develop a chronoprogram and analyze all the various steps, the design of the various components of a pilot plant to simulate a purification plant, must reflect the operating conditions of the final water treatment plant.

The pilot plant to simulate a waste water treatment and purification plant shall achieve the following objectives:

  • Comparison of different traditional water treatment technologies
  • Comparison between traditional technologies and advanced alternatives in the water treatment market
  • Optimization of purification processes
  • Repeatability and not occasionality of the industrialized purification process
  • Treatment costs of the treatment plant
  • Ease of management
  • Creation of criticality and analysis of plant responses
  • Guarantee of best technical choice in the design of the purification system

We have at our disposal pilot plants of various types to carry out multiple treatment trials, to develop and consolidate innovative water purification processes.


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