Compact chemical-physical plant

Compact purification plant, chemical-physical treatment plant

The chemical-physical purification is a technology used by Pentacque now in a consolidated way, these water purification plants are made of stainless steel or polypropylene to combat the chemical corrosion to which they are subjected, the analysis of the manufacturing process, competence and competitiveness are necessary to provide compact physical-chemical plants with high characteristics, they have always been the most truthful presentation for our customers.

The compact physical-chemical plant covers and satisfies an infinite number of industrial needs.

Pentacque has developed the compact physical-chemical treatment line, this system allows to lift the wastewater only once, the succession of chemical reactions takes place through tanks connected in such a way as to create a drop water passage without forcing.

This compact purification system completely eliminates water relapses, a series of electric pumps and additional containments.

The design of a physical-chemical plant has overcome the problem of space, this has made it possible to build compact purification plants, these plants if necessary, can be equipped with absorbent filtration systems or resins, or other chemical reactions such as de-cyanidation, dechromatation, etc…

Chemical-physical purification plants

Chemical-physical plant for galvanic sector

Chemical-physical plant for tanker truck washing

Chemical-physical plant for tumbling water

Chemical-physical purification plant for painting

Discontinuous charge chemical-physical Batch purification plant

Wastewater flotation plant