Evaporators Concentrators in mobile containers

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The need to insert a mobile concentration evaporation plant inside a container arises from a series of very precise choices and requirements.

  • When the vacuum evaporator has to be exported by naval means: this allows to ship the complete system in monobloc already fully functional and tested.
  • When the vacuum concentrator has small dimensions: inserting a vacuum evaporation system in a container facilitates its completion, if during the design the evaporator for the concentration of waste and water also includes other types of treatment, the container allows to assemble the whole and make it already available for use.
  • Elimination of the need for protective covers: the evaporation and vacuum concentration purification plants mounted inside a container are completely protected from external atmospheric agents.
  • Ease of movement: in some cases, mobile plants are used for more or less long periods of time, the installation of a water evaporation system inside a container facilitates its immediate movement and reuse.
  • Complete protection: some vacuum concentration plants for mobile water, are essential, the container housing system protects them from manipulation and damage, and ensures the management and control only to the personnel in charge.

The evaporation and concentration system in containers also have the advantage of having already been completed tested and ready to be used by the company.

Before planning a mobile vacuum evaporation system in a container, it is necessary to identify:

  • Plant requirements such as Atex
  • Technical characteristics of the wastewater to be concentrated
  • Evaporation system size
  • Climatology of the area, exposure
  • Regulations, Restrictions

It is possible to use containers of different standard ISO sizes, 10″ 15″ 20″, we can also provide a range of options such as room conditioning, wall insulation, forced or natural ventilation.


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