First Rain Plants, differences between polyethylene and concrete

First rain, Wastewater treatment plants

Pentacque produces a series of different models of first rainwater treatment plants.

The first rain systems are essential to control the pollutants that are in solution in rainwater due to the runoff of yards.

The constant commitment and evolution of the design has led to the creation of a line of first rain plants with a series of superior qualities compared to traditional concrete plants.

Our first rain systems are entirely made of corrugated polyethylene, this particular wave shape is wanted and ensures a high resistance to compression and at the same time to the pressure of the water inside.

Unlike concrete structures, these first rain plants are not affected by deterioration and do not show any hydraulic losses over time, which can occur, even osmotically, in traditional concrete tanks.

We believe that the use of polyethylene to make first rain systems is also more advantageous than those made of concrete because these first rain systems can be supplied in a single Monoblock already wired hydraulically and electrically.

First rain systems of outdated conception made of concrete are normally built and supplied because of their weight in several pieces; these after being positioned individually must be interlaced with each other.

Another advantage of using a polyethylene first rain plant compared to a plant made of cement is the transport logistics and the ease of positioning of these monobloc plants.

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