Used resins water demineralizer

Used plant:

The used demineralizer is a plant that uses a first stage with granular activated carbon and two columns with ion exchange resins.

The used demineralizer can be applied for the production of demineralized water and to create recycling in industrial production processes.

The activated carbon of the first column has been completely replaced and the resins have been sanitized and regenerated with a double regeneration cycle.

The overhauled used plant is in perfect condition, the working hours of the used demineralizer are 800 hours.

The resins of the used demineralizer (given the few hours of work) we consider them with an ionic exchange capacity equal to the new one.

The resins are strong cationic in the first column and weak anionic in the second column.

The used demineralizer with ion exchange resins has the automation for its regeneration and is perfectly overhauled and tested and available.

Technical characteristics of the used water demineralization plant:


Used demineralizer three resin columns


Capacity 7.000 l/h
Numbers of columns 3 carbon + cationic+ anionic
Liters resin 400 lt + 400 + 400 lt
Regeneration Fully Automatic
Type of valves Pneumatic
Electric pump Yes
Support frame Yes
Vision system flow rate Yes
Conductivity reader Yes
Reagent flow control Yes
Alarm signaling Yes

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