Sludge treatment, dewatering, water purification

Water treatment, Sludge production, purification plants

Water treatment consists of a series of chemical and physical reactions of various kinds, aimed at wastewater purification.

The purpose of a purification plant is to create a discharge of purified water that complies with the result of producing a by-product called sludge to be disposed of through authorized companies.

In order to make the water purification process economical, the sludge is dewatered before disposal, which also makes management easier.

Sludge dewatering is a physical treatment to which the sludge produced by the water purification system is subjected. Sludge dewatering is necessary to reduce the percentage of water in the sludge and increase the dry residue.

Good sludge dewatering reduces disposal volumes and costs by 40 to 80% depending on the type of sludge treated and dewatered.

Sludge dewatering can be carried out in various ways, a dewatering used on small plants is bag dewatering or also called gravity dewatering, other type of dewatering is through the use of plate filter presses, this application is used in plants with a significant production of sludge.

Bag dewatering is economical, some filter bags collect the sludge that is freed from the water by gravity and dewatered, this solution is chosen when sludge production is low and suitable for small purification plants.

Sludge filter bags for sludge dewatering have a limit, which is given by the time it takes to reach the water, so it is important to determine at the design stage the number of bags to be used.

Another solution widely used in purification and water treatment plants is sludge dewatering with a plate filter press.

Sludge filter presses can be manufactured in several models, automatic, semi-automatic, manual, the sizing is based on the quantity of sludge produced by the purification system and the percentage of dryness to be achieved in the dewatered sludge.

The filter presses are also different as automation, the filter presses must be fed by electric pumps or pneumatic pumps that develop a pressure of about 12-16 bar and can be made with an interposed membrane or plunger piston.

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