Container water plants, mobile purification plants

Transportable sewage treatment plant, compact water treatment plant

The need to insert a mobile purification plant inside a container is the result of a series of very precise choices and requirements.

When the destination of the plant is far away and autonomous to carry out the connection: this allows to ship the complete plant in Monoblock already fully functional and tested.

Small size purification plant: inserting a water treatment plant in a container simplifies the final assembly and saves the overall costs due to reassembly.

Elimination of the need for protective covers: purification plants mounted inside a container are completely protected from the weather.

Ease of movement: in some cases, mobile plants are used for longer or shorter periods of time, the installation of a water treatment plant inside a container facilitates movement and reuse.

Complete protection: some mobile water treatment plants are essential, and the containment system of the container protects them from tampering and guarantees management and control only to the personnel in charge.

The containerized purification plant also has the advantage of having already been completed, tested and ready to be used by the company.

Before planning a mobile container sewage treatment plant, it must be identified:

  • Required treatment technique
  • Water treatment plant size
  • Accessibility requirements,
  • Climatology of the area, exposure
  • Regulations, Restrictions
  • Transport logistics

It is possible to use containers of different standard ISO sizes, 10″ 15″ 20″, the container completion arrangements include wall insulation, room conditioning, forced or natural ventilation, lighting system, internal video surveillance system.


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