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Vacuum hot water evaporation concentration systems are systems used to achieve higher flow rates than heat pump systems.

This type of vacuum concentrators to work require a source of thermal energy that can be identified in hot water, steam or diathermic oil; the advantages in the use of these thermal energies available, allow, in case of high flow rates, to obtain a fair energy saving.

The analysis of the heat sources sometimes already available in the companies contributes to the realization of a customized plant and to decrease the economic cost of each liter evaporated; this thermal energy results in some cases at zero cost as returns of condensed cooling water, hot water from cogeneration plants, etc… In this case a derisory cost of evaporation under vacuum of the treated waste or liquids is obtained, given only by the low electrical energy consumption of the electric pumps installed on the plants.

Pentacque also proposes multi-stage or multi-effect evaporation concentration plants; this type of evaporator concentrators, fed by hot water or steam or other heat sources, realize the desired evaporation in a first tank, and use the thermal energy of condensation to heat the second tank. The resulting thermal energy is further used to heat the liquid in the third cylinder of the concentrator. By modulating the type of exchange and the relative exchanger, the chosen caloric value is completely used. The condensation is normally carried out through a closed cooling circuit with forced ventilation.

The multi-stage concentrator evaporator, like all our vacuum systems, uses in addition to stainless steel 304 or 316, multiple construction materials such as Titanium, SAF 2507, Sanicro 28 and other superior alloys that allow full chemical compatibility based on the chemical characteristics of the liquid to be treated.

The vacuum concentrator evaporators that use several boilers, allow to concentrate and treat different types of liquid to be recovered and the automatic management of the different desired concentrations. The conduction of these vacuum concentrator evaporators is totally automatic and coordinated by Plc.


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