Quartzite filtration, water treatment

Purification plant, quartzite or sand filtration, industrial filter

The quartz filtration process is a type of mechanical filtration to remove colloids and suspended solids present in wastewater from purification plants, primary water, or as pre-treatment for other industrial treatment.

The industrial filters are composed of quartzite arranged on filter beds of different granulometry, the diversification of the size of the quartzite allows to have an excellent degree of the final filtration with a large overall containment capacity, maintaining the pressure present on the distributed quartzite.

The purification plants consisting of filters filled with quartz – quartzite must be completed by a backwash system that reverses the water flow to remove the solids retained during the filtration service.

The most used materials for filtration are quartz, anthracite, zeolite and glass beads, all of which perform mechanical filtration of solids, but differ in filtering capacity, retention capacity, and backwashing ease.

Pentacque supplies quartzite filtration systems that consist of one or more columns equipped with plate or candle diffusers, the material used varies in type and granulometry on the technical needs of the water that has to be treated.

The filtration plants are made of anti-acid material, PVC in treated iron or stainless steel and are complete with valves that manage all the “service and backwash” phases. All the quartz filtration plant management operations can be supplied with automation and differential pressure reading, managed by Plc or even in a completely manual version.

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